English in action


English in Action ist der Name einer Sprachschule mit Sitz in Canterbury. Abgesehen von Sprachkursen im UK bietet diese Organisation auch Intensivsprachwochen in Schulen verschiedener Länder außerhalb des Vereinigten Königreiches an. Vom 12. Februar bis 16. Februar 2018 haben sechs LehrerInnen von English in Action mit Schülern der 6. Klassen des BORG gearbeitet. So unterschiedlich, wie die Lehrerpersönlichkeiten waren, empfanden unsere SchülerInnen auch ihre Native-teaching-Einheiten.

Im Folgenden einige Texte von SchülerInnen, die von dieser fremdsprachlichen Vertiefung durchaus profitiert haben und das verbunden mit viel Spaß.


English in Action

Before our holidays we had an English week with native speakers. In this week we were able to gain more knowledge of this language and because I absolutely love English I was very happy about taking part. Every day we learned something new and the cool thing was that most of it was new information. For example proverbs. I have never heard of them before in detail. Now I know a few of them and even the definition stayed in my mind.

So we had 27 lessons exactly because on Tuesday we only had three classes. It was ‘Pancake Day‘. From six lessons per day we used two to prepare our projects. There were two altogether. One of them was a presentation of a topic we really liked. We were split into groups. I was in a group with Angelina and Anna. The topic we chose was ‘Lipizzans‘. Lipizzans are mostly white horses which are very common in Austria. They can do a lot of very cool tricks like ‘Air above the ground‘. All three of us were really surprised that a horse can do that.

The second presentation we were told to prepare was a little sketch. We discussed what we wanted to do every last lesson. Our first idea was that we could do something with fairytales, and so we did. In the end we chose the fairytale ‘Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarves‘ but in a more modern way. In my opinion it turned out fantastic and I also think that we all did a pretty good job.

English in Action is a company which teaches people in different countries. I personally think that this is a great idea because English is the main language and a language most people understand the best. And to give youngsters the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of English is really essential. They will definitely need it later on.

I think this week helped me a lot to improve my English and I would certainly take part again.

Jana Nova Krainer (6b)




Lisa: How did you like the English in Action week?

Anna-May: I enjoyed it very much. Thank you!

Lisa: Ok, so what’s your best memory?

Anna-May: Well, I can’t really select only one moment but there was a game that we played and I had to laugh so hard it made me cry!

Lisa: Oh really? What was the game?

Anna-May: So we basically had to make up a story but everyone was allowed to say one sentence. You would have to have been there to understand it.

Lisa: Yeah it sounds like fun. Was there anything you didn’t like?

Anna-May: Yes, a few things actually.

Lisa: Like what?

Anna-May: It got a bit boring because we did different topics, but we basically always did the same exercises.

Lisa: What a pity! How did you like your teachers?

Anna-May: I really liked them, actually. They talked nice English plus they were very kind and patient.

Lisa: So would you do it again?

Anna May: Yes. If it was with the same group, I’d love to.


Franzi: Did you enjoy English in Action?

Jana: Yeah I really enjoyed it. We did a lot of creative stuff like acting, and there were quite a few discussions on various topics like Life in Space, remember? What was your favourite topic?

Franzi: Let me think ….. I’d say it was jobs. We found out which job is the best paid and which is the worst paid. What was your favourite topic?

Jana: I really liked to discuss Life in Space. It was really interesting to hear what the others relate with life in space, it was really mind-blowing. Did you enjoy acting?

Franzi: Yes I really did, I really liked it to speak spontanously and to work on and stick to rules for acting.

Jana: That was really fantastic and very useful for my English.

Franzi: I am really happy I had the chance to be part of this group.


What an Interesting Week

Some people claim that talking to native English speakers is the best and the most efficient way to learn English. But is this statement true?

The week before the semester break a program called ‘English in Action’ took place at our school. That means we had some native speakers during the lessons who tried to help us improve our English skills. Many games, speaking exercises and group projects were part of the program and in every fifth and sixth lesson we worked together on short presentations and a sketch.

It is definitely worth mentioning that the sketch was probably most fun out of all the activities we did. We all worked together, discussed different ideas and created an entertaining play.

Apart from that we learned a lot of interesting new things and phrases using the book we got from our native speakers. There is no doubt that we all had fun and that our ways to communicate improved so there are reasons to believe that native speakers are a good way to learn English.

On the last day we presented our projects and our sketch to our teachers and to another group.

What it comes down to in the end is that the week was a big success and I would recommend ‘English in Action’ to everyone who wants to learn or improve English in an active and interesting way.

Moritz J., Anton N., Hannah D., Hannah L., Laura K., Patricia J., 6b